Scientists Make Huge Breakthrough to Give AI Mathematical Capabilities

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Scientists Make Huge Breakthrough to Give AI Mathematical Capabilities

  • Artificial intelligence has been given new capabilities never seen before, computer scientists have claimed.
  • Researchers were able to use AI to help prove and suggest new complex mathematical theorems.
  • Scientists hailed the breakthrough as a major step towards giving major new capabilities to such systems.

About Breakthrough

  • While mathematicians have used machine learning to assist in the analysis of complex data sets, this is the first time they have used computers to help us formulate conjectures or suggest possible lines of attack for unproven ideas in mathematics.
  • The results have been described in a new paper published in Nature.
  • It saw DeepMind – the Google-owned AI company – work with top mathematicians to create a framework that would allow researchers and artificial intelligence to collaborate together.
  • Typically, much mathematical work has relied on looking examples and finding patterns or relationships.
  • That requires a combination of creativity and calculations – and while computers have helped with the latter for decades, the former has always been the preserve of mathematicians.
  • In the new research, however, scientists were able to show that they could use artificial intelligence to some of that creative work, previously confined to humans.
  • It is a task central to research that was thought to be reliant on human intuition, and so could apply to a whole host of different areas of maths.
  • To show that the system worked, the researchers then applied it to two distinct areas of mathematics, identifying previously unknown relationships in knot theory and combinatorial representation theory.
  • That shows that it is not only hypothetically possible but has already done mathematical research that was previously unknown.
  • It is the first time that significant mathematical discoveries have been completed using machine learning, DeepMind says.
  • And the breakthrough also represents a model that can be used to do even more.

About Artificial Intelligence

  • It is the theory and development of computer programs that are able to do tasks and solve problems that usually require human intelligence.
  • Things like visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and word translation are all things that would normally need human intelligence, but now computer programs are able to use their intelligence and capability to solve these tasks.
  • This type of intelligence was born in June of 1965 where a group of scientists and mathematicians met at Dartmouth to discuss the idea of a computer that could actually think.

Significance of Artificial intelligence

  • AI automates repetitive learning and discovery through data
  • AI adds intelligence to existing products
  • AI adapts through progressive learning algorithms to let the data do the programming
  • AI analyzes more and deeper data using neural networks that have many hidden layers
  • AI achieves incredible accuracy through deep neural networks
  • AI gets the most out of data