Russia ready for more talks to end crisis

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Russia ready for more talks to end crisis

  • Russia held the door open to further talks on resolving its standoff with the West
  • It further added that some of its military drills were ending, signalling a possible easing of the crisis over Ukraine.


  • Ukraine has become the focus of geopolitical attention in recent weeks as Russian troop buildup along its eastern border and a list of demands from the Kremlin have prompted threats of sanctions by the West and military deployment by NATO allies.
  • While the comments from the Russian President offer hope of de-escalation, the reports said Russia had strengthened its forces amassed on the border with Ukraine over the weekend.
  • Ukraine has demanded an urgent meeting with Russia and other members of the pan-European security body, the OSCE, to explain Moscow’s troop movements.
  • European leaders have warned that the build-up is the worst threat to the continent’s security since the Cold War, with Putin demanding a rollback of Western influence in eastern Europe and a ban on Ukraine joining NATO.

Sanctions awaiting

  • Western allies have prepared a package of economic sanctions in response to any attack.
  • Moscow has repeatedly said it has no plans to attack Ukraine.
  • The alarm has been fuelled by recent Russian military exercises, including with Belarus, where the U.S. said Moscow had dispatched 30,000 troops for more than a week of drills.
  • U.S. intelligence officials worry that weeks of crisis talks have given Russia the time to prepare a major offensive

Role of Germany

  • Germany plays a central role in efforts to mediate in eastern Ukraine, where a gruelling conflict with Russian-backed separatists has claimed more than 14,000 lives.
  • But Berlin’s close business relations with Moscow and heavy reliance on Russian natural gas imports have been a source of lingering concern for Kiev’s pro-Western leaders and U.S. President team.
  • Brussels will wait for the results of Mr Scholz’s visit to the Kremlin
  • An emergency summit was “possible” if needed when EU leaders gather in Brussels for the Africa meeting.
  • Ukraine’s membership is a sticking point in discussions between Russia and the West, which has spurned a demand from Moscow that Kiev never be admitted to the U.S.-led military bloc.

Impact on India

  • Russia will need allies in case of war. Presently, China is considered its big ally, especially after sanctions.
  • China is also supporting that Ukraine should not become a member of NATO.
  • In such a situation, if there is a ban on Russia from the western countries and US, then China can compensate for it.
  • This will further increase the closeness of China and Russia, which can have a bad effect on the friendship of India and Russia.
  • About 60% of India's military supplies come from Russia, and this is a very important aspect.
  • India and Russia have signed several important defence agreements, including the S400 missile system and AK-203 assault rifle.
  • India and China already face to face in eastern Ladakh. In this situation, India cannot take any risk to spoil relations with Russia.
  • America is also an important partner of India. America has always supported India on many important occasions and issues.
  • In such a situation, it would be difficult for India to bargain either with Russia or with the USA.

Way Ahead

  • International cooperation is needed to solve the ever-increasing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
  • Both the countries should restrain from any move leading to escalation of the tension.