Prime Minister launches Indian Space Association

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Prime Minister launches Indian Space Association

  • Indian Space Association (ISpA) was formally launched by Prime Minister as an industry body representing the various stakeholders in the Indian space domain.
  • It includes members comprising the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Bharti Airtel, OneWeb, Tata Group’s Nelco, L&T, MapMyIndia among others.
  • This comes in the backdrop of the government opening up the space sector for private sector participation.

Significance of move

  • While India has made progress in the space sector over the years, ISRO has primarily been at the centre of this progress.
  • Along the lines of the US, now several private sector companies both global and domestic have taken interest in India’s space domain.
  • The move will help active engagement of the stakeholders very soon leading to a better Spacecom =and Remote Sensing Policy.
  • Earlier, government cleared the creation of a new entity, Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre (IN-SPACe), to encourage private companies to use India’s space infrastructure.

Government's approach to space reforms

  • Prime Minister remarked that the Government's approach to space reforms is based on 4 pillars.
  1. Freedom of innovation to the private sector
  2. Role of the government as an enabler
  3. Preparing youth for the future
  4. To see the space sector as a resource for the progress of the common man