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Mixing COVID -19 vaccine

Mixing COVID -19 vaccine

  • India is considering whether people can be given a mix of different Covid-19 vaccine doses.
  • One dose of a particular vaccine mix with the second dose of a different vaccine.
  • In India, whose vaccination programme currently uses Covishield, Covaxin and Sputnik V, this practice has not been approved yet.
  • Other countries have already been testing this out.
  • Mixing and matching of vaccines has been tested for decades, especially for viruses like Ebola.
  • In India, combinations of rotavirus vaccines have also been used and tested out.
  • In the US, the Centers for Disease Control in January allowed a mix and match of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines — both mRNA jabs — under “exceptional” circumstances.
  • Many other countries like Canada, UK, Russia, China, EU are working on it.

Why mix and match Covid-19 vaccines

  • For Better immune responce
  • Mixing might encourage our immune system to fight against different variants and mutants.
  • This could solve the problem of shortage of vaccine especially in case of 2nd dose
  • Mixing and matching allows the completion of immunization while ensuring safety.


  • How safe it is to mix and match, and whether the approach can prompt a better immune response, are still being answered.
  • Untested combinations
  • There are differences in the shelf life of these vaccines, their shipment and storage conditions and contraindications — some vaccines may have more side-effects or may not work as well as others in people with specific ailments.
  • Some study shows that it could lead to an increase in side effects.