Military engineer services day celebrated on sep 26

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Military engineer services day celebrated on sep 26

  • Military Engineer Services (MES) is a premier construction agency and one of the pillars of Corps of Engineers of the Indian Army.
  • It provides rear line engineering support to the Armed Forces and associated organisations of the Ministry of Defence (MoD).
  • It is one of largest construction and maintenance agencies in India with a total annual workload to the tune of approximately ₹ 30000 crore.

About Military Engineering Services

  • The MES was formed in December 1923 with the Engineer-in- Chief as the Head.
  • Initially, it comprised personnel exclusively from Corps of Engineers, but later attained composite character by inducting civilians.
  • Post- independence the post of DGW was created and the service was organized under the Chief Engineers Zones in 1964.

Roles and Responsibilities of MES

  • MES is responsible for creating the strategic and the operational infrastructure other than major roads, as also the administrative habitat for all three Services and the associated organisations of the Ministry of Defence.
  • It has Pan India footprint to provide engineering support to various formations of Army, Air Force, Navy and DRDO.
  • For this, the MES has over six hundred stations spread across the main land and the island territories of India.
  • MES is a military organisation but has both Army and Civilian component of officers and other subordinate staff.