Indian Navy to commission submarine INS Vela

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Indian Navy to commission submarine INS Vela

  • The Indian Navy will commission INS Vela, its fourth stealth Scorpene class submarine under Project 75.
  • INS Vela will boost Indian Navy combat capability.
  • The submarine is seen as a major shot in the arm for the Indian Navy’s strength and capability.

INS Vela

  • INS Vela, the diesel-electric submarine known to have advanced stealth and combat capabilities.
  • The submarine has been built by Mumbai-based Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd in collaboration with M/s Naval Group of France.
  • The new 'Vela' is a potent man o' war and is capable of offensive operations that span across the entire spectrum of maritime warfare.
  • The indigenously-built warship is packed with an array of missiles and anti-submarine rockets.

Scorpene-class submarines

  • Scorpene-class submarines can undertake multifarious missions such as anti-surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, intelligence gathering, mine laying, area surveillance, etc.
  • They are designed to operate in all theatres with the means to ensure interoperability.
  • The state-of-the-art technology used in the construction of Scorpene-class submarines has ensured improved stealth features.
  • The features include advanced acoustic silencing techniques, low radiated noise levels, hydro-dynamically optimised shape, and the ability to launch an attack using precision-guided weapons.
  • Attacks can be carried out using both torpedoes as well as tube-launched anti-ship missiles at the same time, underwater or on the surface.

Project 75

  • Project 75 India (P75I) is part of a 30-year submarine building plan that ends in 2030.
  • As part of this plan, India was to build 24 submarines — 18 conventional submarines and six nuclear-powered submarines (SSNs) — as an effective deterrent against China and Pakistan.
  • Project 75 includes construction of six submarines of Scorpene design.
  • Three of these submarines - Kalvari, Khanderi, Karanj - have already been commissioned.
  • The first, INS Kalvari, was launched in October 2015 and commissioned in December 2017, five years behind schedule.
  • INS Khanderi, the second, was commissioned in September 2019 after its launch in January 2017 for trials.
  • The third, INS Karanj, was launched in January 2018 and commissioned on March 10, 2021.
  • INS Vagir, The fifth one, was launched in November 2020 and has commenced harbour trials and expected to go for its first surface sortie in December.
  • INS Vagsheer, the sixth submarine, is in the advanced stage of outfitting.

What is Submarine?

  • A submarine is a type of ship that can travel both above and below the surface of the sea.
  • Currently, India has 15 conventional diesel-electric submarines and one nuclear ballistic submarine.