Global Innovation Index 2021 released

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Global Innovation Index 2021 released

  • India has climbed 2 spots to 46th rank by the World Intellectual Property Organization in the Global Innovation Index 2021 (GII).
  • India has been on a rising trajectory, over the past several years from a rank of 81 in 2015 to 46 in 2021.
  • NITI Aayog, in partnership with the CII and WIPO to host India Launch of the GII 2021 today.

Global Innovation Index (GII)

  • It is a ranking of countries as per their success and capacity in innovation.
  • It is published yearly by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
  • The index ranks world economies according to their innovation capabilities and consists of 80 indicators.

Findings of 2021 Index Report

  • Switzerland topped the table, followed by Sweden, the US.
  • Among Asian economies, South Korea jumped to the fifth position, up from 10 last year.
  • China was in the 12th position.
  • India ranks second among 34 lower middle-income group economies and first among the 10 economies in Central and Southern Asia.
  • Graduates in science and engineering disciplines and global corporate research and development investors are India’s strengths according to WIPO.

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

  • WIPO is one of the 15 specialized agencies of the United Nations (UN).
  • Pursuant to the 1967 Convention, WIPO was created to promote and protect intellectual property (IP) across the world by cooperating with countries as well as international organizations.
  • It began operations on 26 April 1970 when the convention entered into force.