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Germany officially recognises Namibia genocide

Germany officially recognises Namibia genocide

  • Germany for the first time has recognised that it committed genocide against the Herero and Nama people in present-day Namibia during its colonial rule over a century ago.
  • Germany has also announced a fund of €1.1 billion ($1.2 billion) to help aid community projects in Namibia.
  • German President is expected to officially apologize for Germany’s crimes in front of the Namibian Parliament.

Now, after the announcement, a declaration will be signed by Germany, following which it will be ratified by the parliaments of both countries.

About Genocide:

  • Between 1904 and 1908, German colonial settlers killed tens of thousands of men, women and children from the Herero and Nama tribes after they rebelled against colonial rule in what was then called German South-West Africa.
  • Local tribes saw the German settlers as a threat to their land and resources.
  • In the Battle of Waterberg around 80,000 Herero, including women and children, were chased across the desert by German troops, among them only 15,000 survived.
  • The atrocities committed have been described by some historians as the first genocide of the 20th century.