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Facebook appointed grievance officer for India

Facebook appointed grievance officer for India

  • Facebook has named Spoorthi Priya as its grievance officer for India.
  • This move comes close on the heels of the new Information Technology Rules, 2021, according to which, social media companies with over 50 lakh users have to appoint a grievance officer, nodal officer and a chief compliance officer.
  • All three personnel will have to be residents of India.
  • Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp appointed Paresh B Lal as the grievance officer a few days ago.
  • WhatsApp, Facebook, and Google had shared information on their compliance officer, resident grievance officer and nodal contact person with the government

Under the new rules:

  1. Social media platforms also have to publish the name and other relevant information of the grievance officer on their website so that users can easily reach out to them.
  2. The grievance officer has also been tasked with ensuring that the complaint is acknowledged within 24 hours and properly disposed of within 15 days from the date it is lodged and receive and acknowledge any order, notice or direction issued by the authorities.