Defence ministry places order for 118 new Arjun tanks

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Defence ministry places order for 118 new Arjun tanks

  • Ministry of Defence has placed an order worth ₹7,523 crore to procure 118 Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) Arjun for the Indian Army.
  • The order has been placed with Heavy Vehicles Factory (HVF), Avadi, Chennai.
  • The tank has been designed and developed by Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) by incorporating numerous upgrades on Arjun MBT, the in-service main battle tank with the Indian Army.

Improvements over old Arjun Tank

  • Arjun tank was first inducted into the Indian Army in 2004.
  • At present, the army has two regiments of Arjun tanks, which are stationed on the Indo-Pakistan border in Jaisalmer.
  • The army gained many experiences while using the Arjun tank.
  • Based on these, the army submitted a total of 72 types of improvements for its upgraded version.
  • DRDO prepared the Hunter Killer Tank incorporating the suggestions of the Army.

Key features of Arjun Mark-1A tank

  • Its fire power capability has been greatly enhanced in the new improved version.
  • The tank is capable of self-locating its target.
  • It itself can also strike rapidly moving enemy targets that are constantly moving.
  • The tank will have a crew of Commander, Gunner, Loader and Driver and the tank will provide adequate protection to all four of them even during the war.
  • The biggest feature of the tank is that it can easily move forward while clearing the mines laid in the battlefield.

Day-night capability and defense against chemical attack

  • It can combat the enemy in day and night conditions and in both static and dynamic modes.
  • Special sensors have been installed in it to protect against chemical attack.
  • In the event of an explosion of a chemical or atomic bomb, the alarm in it will sound.
  • Also the air pressure inside the tank will increase so that outside air cannot enter inside.
  • Excellent filters have been installed for oxygen for the crew members.