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Chemical weapons were used in Syria

Chemical weapons were used in Syria

  • OPCW has told the United Nations Security Council that it investigated 77 allegations against Syria, and concluded in 17 cases chemical weapons were likely or definitely used.
  • Syria was pressed to join the chemical weapons convention in 2013 by its close ally Russia after a deadly chemical weapons attack on Damascus, as blamed by the Western allies.

Organisation For The Prohibition Of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)

  • It is an intergovernmental organisation and the implementing body for the Chemical Weapons Convention, which entered into force on 29 April 1997.

  • It oversees the global endeavour to permanently and verifiably eliminate chemical weapons.

  • Headquarters: The Hague, Netherlands.

  • Member states: 193

  • All states party to the CWC are automatically members.

  • 4 UN Member States are non-members: Egypt, Israel, North Korea, and South Sudan. Of these Israel signed CWC but didn’t ratify it, the rest 3 are non-signatories.
  • The organization was awarded the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize ""for its extensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons with most recent being in Syria civil war.
  • The OPCW–The Hague Award: It is an annual award founded by the OPCW as a result of their being presented with the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize.
  • The Award honours individuals and institutions that have significantly contributed towards the goal of a world free of chemical weapons.