CBI Director in Interpol’s Asia’s Panel

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CBI Director in Interpol’s Asia’s Panel

  • Interpol is an international police organisation.
  • Praveen Sinha, the Special Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), was recently elected to the Executive Committee as a Delegate for Asia.
  • The elections took place at the 89th Interpol General Assembly, which is now taking place in Istanbul.

The Interpol Executive Committee

  • The Interpol President, two Vice-Presidents, and nine Delegates make up the Executive Committee, which is made up of 13 people from various nations.
  • It is in charge of ensuring that the decisions of the Interpol General Assembly are carried out, as well as the administration and operations of the General Secretariat.
  • It meets three times a year to define policy and direction for the organisation.

What exactly is Interpol?

  • Interpol, or the International Criminal Police Organisation, is a 194-nation international organisation.
  • Headquarter: Lyon, France.
  • Interpol was founded in 1923 as the International Criminal Police Commission and renamed Interpol in 1956.
  • India is one of the organization's oldest members, having joined in 1949.

Interpol's stated worldwide policing objectives

  • Counter-terrorism,
  • Global border integrity,
  • The protection of vulnerable populations,
  • A safe internet for people and enterprises,
  • The suppression of illegal markets,
  • Environmental security, and global integrity are all priorities.

Interpol Notices

  • Red Notice: Wanted Persons
  • Yellow Notice: Missing Persons
  • Black Notice: Unidentified Bodies
  • Orange Notice: imminent threat
  • Purple Notice: Modus Operandi
  • Blue Notice:Additional information
  • Green Notice: Warning and Intelligence
  • Interpol-unsc- Special Notice: Groups and individual Subject to UNSC sanctions

What is the General Assembly of Interpol?

  • It is Interpol's highest governing body, including representation from all of the organization's member nations.
  • It meets once a year for a four-day session to discuss and vote on activities and policy.
  • At the Assembly, each country is represented by one or more delegates, who are usually law enforcement heads.
  • The Interpol Executive Committee, which ""provides advice and direction in between sessions of the Assembly,"" is likewise elected by the Assembly.