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CAR-T cell therapy

CAR-T cell therapy

  • The first CAR-T cell therapy (a type of gene therapy) was done at the Bone Marrow Transplant unit at ACTREC, Tata Memorial Center in Mumbai.
  • The CAR-T cells were designed and manufactured at the Bioscience and Bioengineering (BSBE) department of IIT Bombay.
  • This work is partly supported by the BIRAC-PACE scheme.
  • This is a “first in India” gene therapy in early phase pilot clinical trial and the dedicated efforts and excellent collaboration between IIT Bombay and Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.
  • The central government’s National Biopharma Mission-BIRAC has approved 19.15 Cr to the team for conducting a first-in-human phase-1/2 clinical trial of the CAR-T cells.
  • The Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell (CAR-T) therapy has emerged as a breakthrough in cancer treatment.
  • Clinical trials conducted globally have shown promising results in end-stage patients, especially in patients suffering from Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.
  • Each patient's CAR-T cell therapy costs 3-4 crore (INR).

Working of CAR-T therapy

  • Blood is taken from the patient & Immune "T" cells are filtered from it.
  • A harmless virus used to deliver genes into 'T' cells modifies them to recognise and target cancer cells
  • Then these modified cells are duplicated in the lab.
  • Once its duplicates the modified CAR-T cells are injected back into the patient.