Annual meeting of Permanent Indus Commission to be held between India and Pakistan

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Annual meeting of Permanent Indus Commission to be held between India and Pakistan

  • A 10-member Indian delegation will visit Pakistan for the annual meeting of the Permanent Indus Commission according to a senior Jal Shakti Ministry official
  • Three female officers will also be part of the Indian delegation in a first since the signing of the Indus Water Treaty between the two countries
  • The Indian Commissioner will be advised by them on various issues during the meeting

Agenda for the meeting

  • Pakistan's objections on Indian hydroelectric projects namely Pakal Dul (1,000 MW), Lower Kalnai (48 MW) and Kiru (624 MW) in Chenab basin in Jammu and Kashmir and few small hydroelectric projects in Ladakh will be discussed during meeting
  • Indian side will explain its position to Pakistan and its apprehensions will be addressed through continued bilateral discussions

Indus Water treaty

  • The treaty was signed between India and Pakistan in 1960
  • It was brokered by the World Bank
  • All the waters of the eastern rivers - Sutlej, Beas, and Ravi - amounting to around 33 million acre feet (MAF) annually is allocated to India for unrestricted use
  • Pakistan was given control over the waters of the three ""western rivers"", the Indus, Chenab and Jhelum with a mean annual flow of 80 MAF
  • India has been given the right to generate hydroelectricity through run-of-the-river projects on the western rivers subject to specific criteria for design and operation.
  • The pact gives the right to Pakistan to raise objections to designs of Indian hydroelectric projects on the western rivers.
  • India has about 20 percent of the total water carried by the Indus system while Pakistan has 80 per cent.

Permanent Indus Commission

  • It is constituted under Article VIII(5) of the Indus Waters Treaty
  • It is required to meet regularly at least once a year alternately in India and Pakistan
  • In the wake of the Uri attack, meetings were suspended from India's side

Disputed projects

  • Baglihar dam project: at River Chenab;
  • Its Capacity is 450 MW
  • Pakistan challenged India before the World Bank in 2005 but lost the case.
  • Kishanganga project: its Capacity is 330 MW
  • Case has been filed by Pakistan at the International Court of Arbitration (ICA) over this project
  • Projects along Chenab River: Pakistan claims these projects violate IWT and impact its water supply